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Transportation and Transshipment Problems : Constraints, Supply and Demand

1. In setting up the an intermediate (transshipment) node constraint, assume that there are three sources, two intermediate nodes, and two destinations, and travel is possible between all sources and the intermediate nodes and between all intermediate nodes and all destinations for a given transshipment problem. In addition, assume that no travel is possible between source nodes, between intermediate nodes and between destination nodes and no direct travel from source nodes to destination nodes. Let the source nodes be labeled as 1, 2, and 3, the intermediate nodes be labeled as 4 and 5, and the destination nodes be labeled as 6 and 7. If there are 175 units demanded at destination 6, state the constraint for destination

2. A logistics specialist for Wiethoft Inc. must distribute cases of parts from 3 factories to 3 assembly plants. The monthly supplies and demands, along with the per-case transportation costs are:
Destination Assembly Plant
1 2 3 supply
Source A 5 9 16 200
Factory B 1 2 6 400
C 2 8 7 200
Demand 120 620 60
What are the total monthly transportation costs for the optimal solution?

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.


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