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Linear Programming

Formulate and solve the following problem. Use method of your choice.

The Marketing Club at your college has decided to raise funds by selling three types of T-shirts: one with single-color "ordinary" design, one with a two-color "fancy" design, and one with a three-color "very fancy" design. The club feels that it can sell up to 300 T-shirts. "Ordinary" T-shirts will cost the club $6 each, "fancy" T-shirts $8 each, and "very fancy" T-shirts $10 each, and the club has a total purchasing budget of $3,000. It will sell "ordinary" T-shirts at profit of $4 each, "fancy" T-shirts at profit of $5 each, and "very fancy" T-shirts at a profit of $4 each. How many of each kind of T-shirt should the club order to maximize profit?

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Since we had to use the method of our choice, I ...

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