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Cost Model And Staffing Algorithm

A healthcare system is investigating various ways of staffing a new clinic with primary care providers. The facility can hire physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. Fractional individuals (Full Time Equivalent or FTE hours) are acceptable. The amount of money the facility will spend on salaries each year depends on how many of each type are hired. The facility can hire fractional workers (e.g., part-time). The system wishes to minimize the cost. The marketing director finds that the annual physician salary is $120,000, the annual PA salary is $85,000, and the annual NP salary is $92,000. The facility can accommodate no more than 25 providers. A minimum of 10 FTEs is needed to staff the school. The facility must have at least one physician for every two extenders. Of course, it is impossible to hire a negative number of people! What is the minimum feasible cost to staff the new facility? How many physicians, PAâ??s, and NPâ??s should we hire?

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The way this question is worded, the constraint is not the maximum number of FTEs. The constraint is the minimum. Since you must have at least ten FTEs and since you must have one physician for every two extenders, the least expensive staff ...

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This solution explains how to model costs related to a staffing pattern in a health center. The problem features lower limits on staffing and staff ratio constraints. The solution shows a mathematical way to model this problem.