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Working with linear equations

This is the first question of a 4 part problem. I just need help with how to start it.
above is the 1st question to below problem:

In some experiments, tathered data suggest that volume of gas and temperature are related quantities. In one particular experiment, at a temp. of -30 degrees C, the volume of a gas was measured to be 380 cm3, while at a temp of 30 degrees C this same gas had a volume of 470 cm3. Assumer that the relationship between volume and temp. is linear. (question for this is Give a linear equation that expresses volume,V, in terms of Temp, T.)
We were told to do this without a calculator and w/a calculator.
Please help! I just don't know how to do the first question. If i get this one maybe I can figure out the others.

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We have to fit these values into a straight line of the form

y = mx + c
where m and c are constants to be determined.

(We will take y = V and x = T )

(x1,y1)=(T1,V1) =(-30,380) and

(x2,y2)= (T2,V2) = (30,470)

We can do this by least squares fitting. To fit a given set of data in to ...

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