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Differential equations

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Please help working on
section 1.1 problems 2,4,8,14,16
section 1.2 problems 6,10,20,24,27
thank you

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Classify each as an ordinary differential equation (ODE) or a partial differential equation (PDE), give the order, and indicate the independent and dependent variables. If the equation is an ODE, indicate whether the equation is linear or nonlinear.

Write a differential equation that fits the physical description.

Determine whether the given function is a solution to the differential equation.

Determine whether the given relation is an implicit solution to the differential equation.

Determine whether Theorem I implies that the given initial value problem has a unique solution.

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This provides examples of working with differential equations, including classifying, writing differential equations to fit descriptions, determine whether functions and relations are solutions, and determining whether an initial value problem has a solution.