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Tables and Seats

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1. Do the problem "Tables and Seats" in this topic. As you work on the problem, see if you can arrive at your solution from several different approaches. Upload your completed solution and methods.

2.Reflect on the aspects of algebraic thinking you discovered in the problem that were applicable to your problem-solving strategies. What algebraic thinking did you engage in when solving this problem? ( at least 200 words)

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This solution provides an example where algebraic thinking is used to solve an algebra problem, showing a step-wise process and explaining the steps involved.

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Algebraic Thinking

The first question to ask is "What is algebraic thinking?" There are two components to the answer to that question. The first is the development of mathematical thinking tools. The second component is the study of fundamental algebraic ideas. Problem-solving, representation skills, and reasoning skills are all examples of mathematical thinking tools. Fundamental algebraic ideas then represent the framework in which those tools develop.

When looking at the table and chairs problem, mathematical thinking tools were in use. It required the ability to problem solve using the pictorial ...

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