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Greatest Common Factors (GCF) Word Problem

Happy Hector and Party Paul are each having a catered party at Fun Factory. Hector's party is in the hall and Paul's party is on the Patio. The catering manager of Fun Factory explained the rules to Hector and Paul. Both Hector's party in the Hall and Paul's party on the Patio must have the same size table, that is, for example, table size for 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, etc. The manager will only order one size table for both parties. Everyone at each party must have a seat and no seats can be empty at any table. Hector will have a total of 180 people. Paul is expecting a total of 84 people. What size table does the manager need to order for both Hector and Paul?

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Assume the manage orders size n table, n has to be an integer.

Now assume Hector has k tables, Paul has m tables, k and m are both ...

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