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Function and Differential Equations

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Differential equations are not my strong suit now. Please explain in a simple way each step from the integral 1/F dF to the final answer. Show and tell how you get from step to

On problem 35 please answer and explain this in the simplest way you can for me to understand please. Step by step answer without leaving out details.

Please redo problem below (36 with answers) and explain and reanswer simply for my understanding. The previous person gave all that math symbolically and did not help. If you can reference it and add to it ok, but simply explain better please.


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35. dF/dt=-2F, and F(0)=5000.
dF =-2F dt (1)
if we divide both sides of (1) by F, we have
Integrating both sides, we have

since the anti-derivative of 1/F is ln(F)+C
ln(F) =-2t+C (3)
By taking the exponential function of (3),
, since C can be any constant, we can ...

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The expert examines the functions and differential equations. The simple way from the integral is given.