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Basic Mathematics Problems Involving Digits and Word Problems

Find the greatest common factor for the following group of numbers:
24, 36, 48

A rectangular picture window is 5ft by 8ft. Polly wants to put a trim molding around the window. How many feet of molding should she buy? (Can you draw a picture?)

Write the following in standard form of a number (Hint: use a number chart):
Three hundred four thousand, two hundred eighty-nine

Evaluate: 72 divided by 8 minus 9 divided by 3 =

Round the following number to the indicated place:
235, 911, the nearest thousand

Maria earns $14 per hour. Last week, she worked 7 hours/day for 4 days. What was her gross pay?

Divide $44,832 divided $3,736/Month. Be sure to attach the proper units.

One kilometer is equal to 1,000 meters. What fractional part of a kilometer is 700 meters? Simplify your result?

Identify 3 8/13 as a proper fraction an and improper faction, or a mixed number. (Reason for your choice)

The gas tank in Giorgio's car holds 23 gal when full. The car gets .0 mi/gal. How far can he travel on two full tanks?

Write 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x4 as a power of 4.

A company distributes $5,394 in year-end profits. If each of the 24 stock holders receive an even amount. How much will each stock holder receive?

What is the (a) smallest number and the (b) largest number that can be rounded to 40? A and B

A computer can execute 33 instructions per microsecond. How many instructions can it execute in 5 minutes?

A piece of cloth is 3 2/5 feet long. Sarah needs to cut the cloth into 6 equal pieces. How long will each piece of cloth be?

A car traveled an average speed of 75 miles/hour. The car traveled 3 1/3 hours. What was the distance the car drove?

Mario counted 43-half gallons of orange juice in his store. What is the amount of orange juice as a mixed number of gallons?

The scale on the map is 1 inch =680 miles. How many actual miles does 7/8 inch represent?

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