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    Zeros, Roots, Asymptotes, Domain of X- and Y- Intercepts, One-to-one Functions and Inverse

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    1. If Q(x) = -P(x), do P(x) and Q(x) have the same zeros? Why or why not
    2. graph f(x) =
    + 5x+ 4
    be sure to label all the asymptotes and to list the domain the x and y- intercept
    3. f(x) = +3, x
    a. sketch the graph and use the graph to determine whether the function is one to
    b. if the function is one to one find a formula the inverse.

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    Zeros, roots, asymptotes, domain of x- and y- Intercepts, one-to-one functions and inverse are investigated and discussed. The solution is detailed and well presented. Diagrams are included.