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Radians, Circles, and Angular Velocity

1. Find the area of a sector having a central angle of 60° in a circle of radius 8 inches.

2. Find the perimeter and area of a circular sector whose angle is 3.5 radians if the circumference of the circle is 58 ft.

3. A point on the wheel of radius 10 feet moves with a linear velocity of 40 feet per second. Find the angular velocity of the wheel in radians per second and in RPM

4. Find the speed in radians and in degrees per second of disc revolving at 90 RPM.

5. A belt moving at 60 feet per second drives a pulley at 240 RPM. Find the diameter of the pulley

6. A car's wheel is 3 feet in diameter. Find its angular velocity if the car travels at 60 miles per hour.

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This provides several examples of radian problems, including perimeter and area of sectors, diameter, and velocity.