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Geometry Word Problems, Angles, Lengths, Areas, Volumes and Graphs

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1. DEF and GHI are complementary angles and GHI is eight times as large as DEF. Determine the measure of each angle.

2. If line p and q are parallel, find the measure of angle 2

3. (Using ABC, find the following:
a) The length of side AC
b) The perimeter of ABC
c) The area of ABC

4. A diagonal walk through a small rectangular garden 9 meters by 12 meters can be built at $10 per linear meter. How much will the walk cost?

5. Sam wishes to fertilize his lawn that is 75 feet by 207 feet. The fertilizer is on sale for $5.25 per bag. Each bag covers 575 square yards. What is the cost to fertilize his yard?

6. What is the area of a circle with diameter 34mm?

7. A drinking glass is in the shape of a cylinder that is 60mm in diameter and 15cm tall. How many cubic centimeters of water will it hold?

8. Create a graph with four odd vertices

9. For the following floor plan, determine whether it is possible for a person to walk through each doorway without using any of the doorways twice. If it is possible, determine such a path.

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