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    Find a room surface area with given length, width and height

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    The following has me really stumped. Can You please help me with this problem?:

    Find the surface area of the following room measurements:

    LENGTH:8 feet *10 inches = 106 inches
    WIDTH: 12 feet * 9 inches = 153 inches
    HEIGHT: 7 feet * 10 inches = 94 inches

    A gallon of paint covers about 350 square feet. How many gallons would be required to paint the room? Round up to the nearest gallon.
    If a gallon of paint costs $22.95 plus 8% tax, what would be the total cost to paint the room?
    One inch is equivalent to 2.54 centimeters. Convert your English measurements to metrics. Record each dimension in centimeters. Show your conversions.
    Find the volume in cubic centimeters.
    If each dimension (length, width, and height) is doubled, what happens to the volume of the room?

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    L = 106/12 feet, W = 153/12 feet, H = 94/12 feet

    L x W = 106/12 * 153/12 = 16218/144 (square feet )
    L x H = 106/12 * 94/12 = ...

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    This solution explains how to find a room surface area with given length, width and height and calculate how much paint is needed to paint the whole room.