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Constructing a polygon

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To construct a regular 5-gon , first draw a circle with the center O. Then proceed to find on the circle the vertices V1, V2, V3 and V5 of the

Regular pentagon as follows:


____ ____
Label any point on the circle V1 and draw OB perpendicular to OV1 .
Join V1 to C, the midpoint of OB.
Bisect angle OCV1 to obtain the point N, OV1.

Construct the perpendicular to OV1 at N and obtain the point V2

I tried to draw the best picture I could. I am now to construct a regular pentagon, and use the examples as above.

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I have constructed the pentagon following the given procedure. First file shows the construction. That is the file containing the ...

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This provides an example of constructing a regular pentagon.

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