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    Circle Theorem Mapped

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    Secants QM and RM intersect the circle at S and T as shown,

    a) IF RV=12,VS=4,and TV=8 find VQ.

    OK so i figured it follows this theorem : If 2 secant segments are drawn to a circle from the same external point, then the products of the length of each secant and the length of its external segment are equal....

    So i mapped it out like this
    64=8x =64
    x= 8

    Corrections? I think I did this wrong though

    B) If QM=16, SM=5, and TM=4 find RM...

    80=4x +16

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    a) IF RV=12,VS=4,and TV=8 find VQ.
    When two chords of the same circle intersect, each ...

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