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Simple ratio problem

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If there are 74 nests containing 11 eggs each and 9 nests containing 14 eggs each what would be the ratio of this expressed in the form of 1:x, where x is the number expressed to one decimal place.

I know the basics : 9:74 but not sure what to do after that.

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The solution demonstrates how to find ratios of quantities when the distribution of objects is non-homogeneous.

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First you have to define a ratio of what quantity per what quantity.

The way I read the question they want to find what is the ratio of nests per eggs.

There are 74 nests containing 11 eggs each, or 74 nests containing total of

74x11=814 eggs

There are 9 more nests containing 14 eggs each, or 9 nests containing total of

9x14=126 eggs

we have total of 74+9=83 nests that contain 814+126=940 eggs

So the ratio of ...

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