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Venn Diagram and Region Explanations

Here is the information.

There are A, B and C circles . Going from left to right , Cicle A , then B and C at the bottom. They all are intersecting . Roman numeral I is in circle A , Roman Numeral III is in circle B, and Roman numeral VII is in circle c. Roman numeral IV, V, VI are also a part of C, B, AND A. Roman numeral II is between circles A and B. Roman numeral VIII is in the Universal set.

a. Which regions are represented by (A INTERCEPT B ) U C?

B. Which regions are represented by (A u C ) intercept (A u B)?

C. Based on parts a and b , what can you conclude about the relationship between ,(A intercept B) u C and (A u C ) intercept ( A u B)

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