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PERT diagram and set operations

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1. Given the following table, make a PERT diagram, and determine the project time and the critical path. Provide a justification on how you obtain your project time and critical path.

Task Time Preceding Tasks
A 1 None
B 2 A
C 3 A
D 4 B
E 5 B, C
F 2 C
G 2 D, E, F

2. Simplify expression: (B-A) UNION (B INTERSECTION A).
Show the detailed, step-by-step, simplification and justification.

3. Simplify expression: ((A-B) BAR) UNION A.
Show the detailed, step-by-step, simplification and justification.

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Solution Summary

We make a PERT diagram for the given table and determine the critical path and project time. Also, we give a detailed step-bystep proof of two set-theoretical identities. The solution is in a PDF file with an additional picture in a JPG file.

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