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    Logic : Who Lives Where?

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    On Diplomat Row, an area of Washington, DC. there are five houses. Each owner is a different nationality, each has a different pet, each has a favorite food, each has a different drink, and each house is painted a different colour.

    All Statements:
    (1) Green House is directly to the right of Ivory house.
    (2) Senegalese has the red house.
    (3) The Dog belongs to the Spaniard.
    (4) The Afghanistani drinks tea.
    (5) The Cheese eater lives next door to Fox
    (6) The Japanese eats Fish.
    (7) Milk is drunk in the middle house.
    (8) Apples are eaten next to the Horse.
    (9) Ale is drunk in the Green house.
    (10) Norwegian lives in the first house.
    (11) The Peach eater drinks Whiskey.
    (12) Apples are eaten in the Yellow House.
    (13) The Banana eater owns a Snail.
    (14) Norwegian lives next door to the Blue house.

    For each house find:
    The color
    The nationality of the occupant
    The owner's favorite food
    The owner's favorite drink
    The owner's pet
    Finally, the crucial question is: Does the zebra's owner drink vodka or ale?

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