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Word Problem : Minimize Using a Derivative

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The math department is planning to build a park for calculus students along the riverbank. The park is to be rectangular with an area of 512 square yards and is to be fenced off on the three sides not adjacent to the river (draw a picture)

a.) What is the least amount of fencing required for this job?

b.) How long and wide should the park be for the fencing to be minimized?

there should be a easily identified primary(2 variables) and secondary (one variable) equations.

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A derivative is used to find a minimum value. The solution is detailed and well presented. The response received a rating of "5" from the student who originally posted the question.

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a.) What is the least amount of fencing required for this job?
let the two equal sides (vertical to the bank) be a, and the one side (parallel to ...

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