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    Boise, Idaho is about 300 miles inland from the nearest point on the Pacific coast; San Diego is about 1000 miles south of that point down the coast. Assuming the coast is a straight line going north-south, C is the point along the coast directly west of Boise. It costs 2 cents per mile to transport a ton of potatoes by truck and 1 cent per mile to transport them by ship. The Idaho Potato Company wants to find the point, P on the Pacific Coast to which it should track its potatoes before loading them aboard a cargo ship in order to minimize the total cost of transporting them from Boise to San Diego.

    A) Set up the function which the Idaho Potato Company must minimize.
    B) Find the position of P which minimizes the cost.

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    Denote Boise by B and San Diego by S.

    Let BP = d

    Then total cost = TC = 2d + {1000 - ...

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