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Contact of Sphere and a Sphere Surface

A spacer defines the air-gap distance between a lens and a flat surface. The corner of the spacer can be modeled as a circle with radius, r1. First a circular lens is used, and the "sag," or amount that the lens bulges out on the axis, defines the air gap distance by: sag = R - (R2 - (chord)2) ½

In this case the contact point Δy above the axis is pretty straight forward to find. If now the lens is replaced with an asphere, sag defined as "z" below

Z =sag height
r =radial distance from vertex (Chord, or "half-chord")
c= (1/R) = curvature at the vertex
K=conic constant
Find the correction to the 1st order in r in the relation between Δy and H, where H is the difference between the full width of the spacer and the air gap


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