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    Simulating Real Plant Growth

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    Assuming that plant grows in 8 steps at the 0.45 rate and that the first stem lenght is 20mm - This is what I have so far:
    1/ I made a table showing the length of the plant's stem at the end of each step.
    2/ I made a graph of the values in the table
    3/ I, of course, wrote a formula representing the growth for each step:
    new length=old length + 0.45xold length

    Here is the problem:
    What else could I do with this data? What other relationships could I determine between the steps?

    Remember, you demonstrate knowledge through using a spreadsheet and performing analysis with a purpose.

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    Please see the attached spreadsheet for the table and the graph.
    To see the formula for each step, please click cell C4,D4,E4, ... J4 ...

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    The solution simulates a real plant growth.