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Writing Equations from Word Problems

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Morgan has $50,000 to invest and wants to receive $5000 interest the first year. He puts part in CD's earning 5.75%APY, part in bonds earning 8.75%APY and the rest in a growth fund earning 14.6% APY. How much should he invest at each rate if he puts the least amount possible in the growth fund?

Mixing Acid Solutions
Simpson's Drugstore needs to prepare a 40L mixture that is 32% acid from three solutions: a 10% acid solution, a 25% acid solution, and a 50% acid solution. How much of each solution should be used if Simpson's wants to use as little of of the 50% solution as possible?

Loose Change
Matthew has 74 coins consisting of nickles, dimes and quarters ni his coin bos. THe total value of the coins is $8.85. If the number of nickles and quarters is four more than the number of dimes, find how many of each coin Matthew has in his coin box.

Vacation Money
Heather has saved $177 to take with her on the family vacation. She has 51 bills consisting of $1, $5, and $10 bills. If the number of $5 bills is three times the number of $10 bils, find how many of each bill she has.

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