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    Lower Estimate, Upper Estimate?

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    14) A power plant generates electricity by burning oil. Pollutants produced as a result of the burning process are removed by scrubbers in the smokestacks, Over time, the scrubbers become less efficient and eventually they must be replaced when the amount of pollutants released exceeds government standards. Measurements are taken at the end of each month determining the rate at which the pollutants are released into the atmosphere, recorded as follows:

    a) Assuming a 30 day month and that a new set of scrubbers was
    installed on January 1 (new scrubbers allow only 0.05 tons/day) give a:
    Lower estimate for the total tonnage of pollutants for the year is:____.
    Upper estimate for the total tonnage of pollutants for the year:_____.
    In the best case, when will 125 tons of pollutants have been released?

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    Upper and lower estimates are calculated for levels of pollutants based on monthly pollution data.