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    Confidence Interval for Standard Deviation

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    Listed below are (in micrograms per cubic meter, or mg/m3) in the air. An organization has established an air quality standard for lead of 1.5 mg/m3. The measurements shown below were recorded at a destroyed building on different days immediately following its destruction. Assume that this sample is a simple random sample obtained from a population with a normal distribution. Use the given value to construct an 80% confidence interval estimate of the standard deviation of the amounts of lead in the air. Is there anything about this data set that suggests that the confidence interval might not be very good?

    4.93 1.15 0.54 0.76 0.44 1.15

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    The confidence interval estimate is 1.257 µg/m3 < σ < 3.011 µg/m3

    80% confidence interval for the population standard deviation is ...

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