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Confidence interval

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A sample of 30 patients was studied in an effort to assess agency' preparedness for delivery of mental health services to African Americans. A nursing researcher and counselor decided to collaborate and conduct the study using the Clinical Attitudes, Knowledge, and Skills Inventory (CAKSI) to assess preparedness for delivery of mental health services to African-Americans. One of the scaled items has a mean equal to 82 and a standard deviation of 12. Construct and interpret 95% and 99% confidence intervals. Assume that the investigators increased their sample size to 100. Perform the same tests and describe how your conclusions would differ.

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This solution gives the step by step method for computing the confidence interval for the given statistics problem.

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A. 95 % Confidence Interval , sample size 30
Confidence Interval Estimate for the Mean

Sample Standard Deviation 12
Sample Mean 82
Sample Size 30
Confidence Level 95%

Intermediate Calculations
Standard Error of the Mean 2.19089023
Degrees of Freedom 29
t Value 2.045229611
Interval Half Width 4.480873573

Confidence Interval
Interval Lower Limit 77.52
Interval Upper Limit 86.48
With 95% confidence , we can claim that the population ...

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