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    Draw a Combinational Circuit for a Boolean Expression

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    Digital information can be represented through the use of Boolean algebra, which is an important concept to study if one wishes to understand how computers work.

    I am given an assignment on drawing a combinational circuit that directly implements Boolean expression for F(x, y, z)= xz + (xy + z').

    In my text book it gives me an over simplified example which is xy+(x')y.

    In the end of chapter reviews they then through in the following F(x, y, z)= xz + (xy + z') which is more complicated but with no explanation.

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    Question: Draw the combinational circuit that directly implements the Boolean expression:
    F(x,y,z)= xz + (xy + ...

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    A detailed drawing of a combinational circuit that directly implements the Boolean expression for F(x,y,z)= xz + (xy + z')