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    BNF grammar for boolean expression

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    A) Create a BNF grammar that describes simple Boolean expressions of the form

    var AND var
    var OR var

    where var is one of the symbols w, x, y, and z.

    B) Modify your grammar from part (a) so that the Boolean expressions can be of the form

    expr AND expr
    expr OR expr

    where expr is either a simple variable (w, x, y, or z) or an expression of the form

    (var == var)
    (var < var)
    (var > var)

    C) Modify your grammar one more time to allow a Boolean expression to have an arbitrary number of terms connected by either AND or OR. That is, your expressions can be of the form

    expr AND expr OR expr OR expr AND expr....

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    <goal> ::= <var> AND <var> | <var> OR <var>
    <var> ::= w | x | y | z

    <goal> ::= <expr> AND <expr> | <expr> ...

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    Change in grammar is incremental, corresponding to modifications in Boolean expression specification.