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    Simplify the Radical Equations

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    Why is it important to simplify radical expressions before adding or subtracting? How is adding radical expressions similar to adding polynomial expressions? How is it different? Provide a radical expression for your classmates to simplify.

    Consider participating in the discussion by simplifying your classmates' expressions. Detail what would have happened or if the expression was not simplified first.

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    Hi, here is the solution....

    When we simplify the radical expressions, we can add with the like terms.

    For instance.

    Sqrt(x^2) + 2x

    Now can we add the terms? Ofcourse NO!

    Now let's simplify the radical term sqrt(x^2)

    sqrt(x^2) = (x^2)^1/2 = x

    sqrt(x^2) + 2x

    = x + 2x [Simplified]

    Now can we add x and 2x?

    Of course! We can add them since it is like term.

    So we get x+2x = 3x. It ...

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