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Algebra questions

1. A sales representative for a time-sharing company has a monthly sales quota of 500 units. The representative sold 120 units during the first week, 135 units during the second week, and 165 units during the third week of the month. How many units must be sold before the end of the month if the salesperson is to meet the quota?

2. A room is 25 ½ feet by 32 ¾ feet. How much will it cost to cover the floor with carpet costing $12 a square yard (9 square feet), if 4 extra square yards are needed for matching? If a portion of a square yard is needed, an entire square yard must be purchased.

3. Net income for Hershey Foods for the third quarter is $143,600,000 or $1.09 a share. This is compared with net income of $123,100,000 or $0.89 a share for the same quarter a year ago. What was the increase or decrease in shares of stock?

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1. 500 - 120 - 135 - 165 = 80

80 units must be sold

2. carpet is 9 sq. feet, therefore 3 by 3 feet.

room is 25.5 wide, so 9 carpets (9 ...

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The expert examines sales representative quotas for time-sharing companies. The increase or decrease in shares of stocks are determined.