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    Quadratic Equations: Reducing the Size of a Candy Bar

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    Reducing the Size of a candy Bar:
    A jumbo chocolate bar with a rectangular shape measures 12 centimeters in length, 7 centimeters in width, and 3 centimeters in thickness. Due to the escalating costs of cocoa, management decides to reduce the volume of the bar by 10%. To accomplish this reduction, management decides the new bar should have the same 3 centimeter thickness, but the length and width each should be reduced an equal number of centimeters. What should be the dimensions of the new candy bar? What would be the dimensions with a 20% reduction?

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    The first task is to set up the equations correctly.

    Let L,W,H be the original length, width and height of the bar.
    Let V be the volume.

    We can calculate the volume, V = LWH.

    Reduce the ...

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    This shows how to change dimensions for given percent reduction.