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Please show all work Also I was wondering how do you create your graphs?


Click on the link below to open the document
Identify the document by typing your full name next to the yellow text.
Rename the file by adding your last name to current file name (e.g., "u1ip_lastname.doc") and saving to your files.
Type your answers next to the yellow text.
To show your work, you will need to include
the algebra used to compute the solution to any equations
the formula with substituted values.
the final calculated answer with units.
To utilize the scientific calculator on your computer, do the following:
Open the calculator (if it is not in the accessories folder, then select Run from the Start menu)
Select View from the drop down menu
Select Scientific to utilize the calculator.
Note that x^y computes

Be sure to read both the instructions and the questions carefully, and answer each part. When work is requested, you may wish to use the Microsoft Equation Editor. Without supporting work, you will not receive full credit for the problem. Be sure to use the notes and examples in the Instructor Files.

Please show graphs