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Discussion of The Passive Agressive Behavior Type

A.describe her type of behavior.
b.examine the conditions that precede the passive aggressiveness
c.examine the consequences that follow selected type of behavior.
d. describe how psychology can be used to explain the behavior.

In addition, identify the ethical dilemmas that could arise from your observation.

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a. Describe her type of behavior.

Passive-Aggressive behavior relates to individuals who tend to react to certain life situation in ways that others may perceive as being dysfunctional. Since there are two poles to passive aggressive behavior, the individual may behave passively or aggressively at times that are inappropriate or do not warrant either type of response. For example, your friend may be prone to getting verbally abused by others because at times she has a tendency to not say anything when others do things to her that she doesn't like. On the other hand, at other times she may overreact and do something totally inappropriate when others say or do something to her that she doesn't like. However, there is a method to her madness as self-defeating as it may be. Although it may appear as if she is allowing people to abuse her, deep inside she's not budging and she may even end up doing the opposite of what is asked of her as a ...

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