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Prob 1: If you make an open top box by cutting equal squares from the corners of a rectangular piece of paper and folding up the sides. IF the original piece measures 15 inches by 14 inches and if the area of the box bottom is to be 90 in^2 what size square should be cut from each corner?

Problem 2: Sonya drives 190 miles at a certain speed. After stopping, she drives an additional 350 miles at 10mph slower than before she stopped. If she drove 3 hours longer after the stop than before the stop, what was her speed before the stop? round to the nearest 10th hour.

Problem 3: complete the ordered pair so that it satisfies the equation: f(x) = x^2-10x-6, (?,18)

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(1) Let the side of the square cut out of each corner be x.

Then, after folding, the base of the box will be a rectangle of length (15 - 2x), breadth (14 - 2x) inches and height x inches.

Area of the base = (15 - 2x)(14 - 2x) = 210 - 58x ...

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