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    The Malthusian and Logistic Models of Population Growth

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    Please see the attached file. This is one question but broken in parts.

    Formula for Malthusian Model:
    dP/dt = r*P

    Formula for Logistic Model:

    PS> I Prefer hand written work showing the steps if it is neat. It's up to you..I just have a hard time reading fractions & exponents in a word document etc.

    (ie. (3/5)^2.

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    Let P (t) represent a population of farm-raised catfish in a small lake at any
    time t in days.

    (a) If the population grows according to the Malthusian model, find the time for the
    catfish population to triple if it grows by 10% in 45 days. Show all of you work.
    Your answer should be exact (it will contain logarithms)

    According to the Malthusian model, we have
    dP/dt = r*P
    for some constant r. Separating variables we obtain
    dP/P = r dt.
    Integrating both sides we obtain
    ln P(t) = rt + c
    for some constant c. Exponentiating both sides we ...

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    The solution solves problems involving catfish breeding assuming either the Malthusian model (unlimited exponential growth) or the more realistic logistic model of population growth.