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    Global Population and Neo-malthusians

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    Outline your perspective on global population issues and your alignment with neo-Malthusians or neoclassical economists. Consider and respond to the following questions:
    ? Where do you believe the world stands in terms of global population?
    ? Is the current global population exhausting the Earth's carrying capacity or will market forces driving new technologies allow for continuous growth of the Earth's carrying capacity?
    ? What steps, if any, should be taken to control population growth or mitigate its environmental impacts?

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    Neo-malthusians believe that 1) population growth will outstrip agricultural growth and lead to irreversible environmental degradation 2) Both extensification (encroachment on more fragile land) and intensification (shorter fallow, overuse of fertilizers,..) of agriculture will lead to land degradation. 3) Non-material values (intrinsic values) of environment of importance. 4) To the three classical Malthusian checks (war, famine, disease), "environmental collapse" is added: pressed too far by technological advances, a dangerous inflated population may destroy the ecosystem that support it.

    Alternately, neoclassical economists usually assume that human beings make the choices that give them the ...

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