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check the solutions are correct

How do I verify that the answers I arrived at are correct?

Here is an example of solving the system of equations

Find the values of x and y that solve the system of equations

1) 5x-4y=-14
2) -7x+5y=22

If we multiply the first equation by five and the second by four, we get

25x -20y = -70
-28x +20y = 88

Adding these two equations together, we get

-3x = 18

x = -6

and we can use any equation to get y = -4.

Final result is x = -6, and y = -4.

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To verify that you have the correct solutions, you need to substitute the values of x and y to the original equations.

so in this system, ...

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By substituting the values for the solutions to the original equation, the correctness of the answers is verified.