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Instructions for this posting
? All calculations must be shown and all steps must be motivated. A correct answer without the necessary detailed explanation will not earn full marks. Therefore I will not accept the response.
? Please plot all graphs in MATLAB. If you do not have MATLAB then you may use Mathematica, Maple or Mathcad. Please provide graphs and coding. Do not give the MATLAB files strange titles.
? Please submit solution of posting in two formats ie . MS Word and PDF. If you do not have PDF writer then MS Word will be fine.
? Please submit before deadline and make sure that solutions are 100% correct. I might have to get another OTA to double-check the quality of the work.
? Please see attached zip file with lecture notes relevant to this exam. If something is derived in the notes then please derive it again in the solution.
? The problems to be solved are in the jpg files.


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The answers to questions 1 and 2 are in the attached files 84283_1.pdf and 84283_2.pdf, and the ...

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The solution assists with providing the series solutions to the given differential equations.