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Use matlab ode45 to integrate set of diff. equations

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Use of ode45 to complete this...however, I am not sure how to go about it.

1.) integrate set of diff. equations with given initial conditions and constants and plot concentration profiles of all 5 dependent variables
2.) plot phase plot of s1 vs s2. What does the phase plot demonstrate? ...I don't know?
3.) perform a stability analysis examining the eigenvalues (matlab eig function) of Jacobian matrix around the steady state.

Please see attached

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The expert uses matlab ode45 to integrate sets of differential equations. A stability analysis examining the eigenvalues (matlab eig function) of Jacobian matrix around the steady state is performed.

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The Matlab program file glycosys.m is attached

The solution is made using the matlab routine ode45.
Its arguments are
--- reference to the function odefun(t,y) which calculates the vector of derivatives dy/dt = yp(t,y)
--- the points in time at which you want to know the values of vector y
--- the initial values of vector y
The results of the integration are plotted in figure 101

I made a ...

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