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Basic Algebra

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1. Write in simplest form.

2. Simplify.

3. Multiply.

4. Solve.

5. Add. Express your answer in simplest form.

6. What values for x must be excluded in the following fraction?

7. Solve.

8. A car uses 10 gallons of gasoline on a trip of 130 miles. At that rate, how much gasoline will a trip of 234 miles require?

9. Write in simplest form.

10. Divide.

11. Subtract. Express your answer in simplest form.

12. Subtract. Write your answer in simplest form.

13. Solve. - = 1

14. Solve.

15. Solve.

16. One number is 5 times another. If the sum of their reciprocals is , find the two numbers.

17. Simplify.

18. Divide.





6. Number problem. If one-half of one integer is subtracted from three-fifths of the
next consecutive integer, the difference is 3. What are the two integers?

18. Science and medicine. A passenger train can travel 325 mi in the same time a
freight train takes to travel 200 mi. If the speed of the passenger train is 25 mi/h
faster than the speed of the freight train, find the speed of each.

22. Science and medicine. Ariana took 2 h longer to drive 360 mi on the first day of
a trip than she took to drive 270 mi on the second day. If her speed was the same
on both days, what was the driving time each day?

26. Science and medicine. A plane flies 720 mi against a steady 30-mi/h headwind
and then returns to the same point with the wind. If the entire trip takes 10 h, what
is the plane's speed in still air?

34. Business and finance. Kevin earned $165 interest for 1 year on an investment of
$1500. At the same rate, what amount of interest would be earned by an investment
of $2500?


28. Science and medicine. Fungicides account for 1/10 of the pesticides used in the
United States. Insecticides account for 1/4 of all the pesticides used in the United
States. The ratio of fungicides to insecticides used in the United States can be written 1/10 1/4
. Write this ratio in simplest form.

32. Science and medicine. The combined resistance of two resistors R1 and R2 in a
parallel circuit is given by the formula
RT = 1

Simplify the formula.


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