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Algebra Questions

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1. The width of a rectangle is 8 feet less than the length. If the area is 20 square feet, find the length and the width.

2. Solve the equation: x(x - 4) = 12

3. A boat travels 30 miles upstream against the current in the same amount of time it takes to travel 42 miles downstream with the current. If the rate of the current is 4 MPH, what is the rate of the boat in still water?

4. A space ship lands on unexplored planet Zygos. A person who weighs 60 Kilograms (Kg) on Earth weighs 4.8 Kg on Zygos. How much would a piece of equipment weighing 1800 Kg on Earth weigh (in Kg) on Zygos? How much would that same person weigh on Earth in pounds?

5. Evaluate square root of 81

6. Evaluate square root of 72

7. Solve this equation by the means of your choice: (5m - 1)² = 25

8. Solve this equation by the means of your choice: 3z² + 2z = 4

9. In our area, the ratio of sports cars to SUVs is 3/5. If there are 2000 SUVs, how many sports cars are there in our area?

10. Suppose 1/(2x - 4) + 1/(x - 2) = 3/2. What is x?

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