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Algebra : Four Word Problems

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1. A rectangular garden has dimensions of 18 feet by 13 feet. A gravel path of equal width is to be built around the garden. How wide can the path be if there is enough gravel for 516 square feet.

2. A business invests $10,000 in a saving account for two years. At the beginning of the second year, and additional $3500 is invested. At the end of the second year, the account balance is $15,569.75. What was the annual interest rate?

3. Steve traveled 200 miles at a certain speed. Had he gone 10mph faster, the trip would have taken 1 hour less. Find the speed of his vehicle.

4. The Hudson River flows at a rate of 3 miles per hour. A patrol boat travels 60 miles upriver, and returns in a total time of 9 hours. What is the speen of the boat in still water?

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1. Suppose the width is x feet,
516 = 2*(18+13)*x + 4*(pi*x*x/4)
(Total area)=(Area along rectangular ...

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