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    Algebra equations

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    May I have step by step solutions to help me. thank you! I have the questions below as well as an attached word and pdf file.

    1. Graph each equation to find the solution of the system.
    x - 2y = 4
    2x + y = 6

    2. Draw a line on the grid (the Cartesian plane) so that the system of no equations has NO solution.

    3. Darlene made some trail mix by combining raisins and peanuts. Raisins cost $3.00 a pound and peanuts cost $4.20 per pound. If she ended up with three pounds of trail mix that cost $3.36 per pound, how many pounds of raisins did she use?

    4. Harriet needs to dilute a medicine before giving it to a patient. She has a 40% solution but needs a 25% solution. How much water does she need to add (note the water is a 0% solution) so that she will have 0.5 liter of the 25% solution?

    5. Simplify:

    6. Rationalize the denominator:
    7. The radius, r, of a sphere with volume V is given by the formula r= . If a sphere has radius 5 inches, what is its volume?

    8. Solve for x:

    Please see attachments for all equations

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    1. Solve the system

    The solution is
    2. Draw a line such that the system of equations has no solution.

    I only need to ...

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    Topics in this set include solving by graphing, word problems for mixtures and dilutions, rationalizing denominator, and volume of a sphere.


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