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    Sample Point Of Intersection Calculation: Quadratic With Line

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    Find the points of intersection algebraically of the graphs of the equations

    y=x^2-3x+4, and 2x-2y= -8

    need to see the algebra got a bit lost as to how to get from

    Solve equations:
    Take y=x^2-3x+4 into 2x-2y=-8, we got: Here

    x-x^2+3x-4=-4 to here
    We got: x1=0, x2=4
    Then we got y1=4, y2=8

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    pls see attached

    need to see more details on the algebra/points of intersection
    Find the points of ...

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    The expert provides sample points of intersection calculations. The quadratics with lines are examined for intersections.