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    WEEK 2 DQ 1

    1. When simplifying like terms, how do you determine the like terms?

    2. How do you determine the common factors in an expression?

    3. What is factoring by grouping? When factoring a trinomial by grouping, why is it necessary to write the trinomial in four terms?

    4. What is a common factor? Where do you use the common factor in an expression consisting of various terms?

    WEEK 2 DQ 2

    1. When simplifying a rational expression, why do you need to factor the numerator and the denominator?

    2. When adding and subtracting rational expressions, why do you need a LCD?

    3. When a polynomial is not factorable what is it called? Why?

    4. Choose three integers a, b, and c. (Negative numbers are welcome.) Now use a, b, and c to create a trinomial ax2+bx+c. Can you factor this trinomial? How would you create a trinomial that will factor?


    Section 5.2

    Factoring a Difference of two squares


    Section 5.4

    Factor each trinomial using the ac method



    Factoring strategy





    Area of a painting. A rectangular painting with a width of
    x centimeters has an area of square centimeters.
    Find a binomial that represents the length.

    # 96

    Amount of an investment. The amount of an investment
    of P dollars for t years at simple interest rate r is given by
    a) Rewrite this formula by factoring out the greatest
    common factor on the right-hand side.
    b) Find A if $8300 is invested for 3 years at a simple interest rate of 15%



    Area of a sail. The area in square meters for a triangular
    sail is given by
    a) Find A(5).
    b) If the height of the sail is meters, then what is
    the length of the base of the sail?


    #112 (noel)

    Decreasing cube. Each of the three dimensions of a
    cube with sides of length s centimeters is decreased by a
    whole number of centimeters. The new volume in cubic
    centimeters is given by
    a) Find V(10).
    b) If the new width is centimeters, then what are the
    new length and height?
    c) Find the volume when by multiplying the
    length, width, and height.


    Rectangular stage. One side of a rectangular stage is
    2 meters longer than the other. If the diagonal is 10 meters,
    then what are the lengths of the sides?



    Throwing a wrench. An angry construction worker throws
    his wrench downward from a height of 128 feet with an
    initial velocity of 32 feet per second. The height of the
    wrench above the ground after t seconds is given
    by .
    a) What is the height of the wrench after 1 second?
    b) How long does it take for the wrench to reach the

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