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15 Algebra Problems : Find Equation for Line; Describe Graph and Slope

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.

Q1. Solve {see attachment}

Q2. Solve 9 - 7+15/5 - (6-3)4

Q3. Solve {see attachment}

Q4. Find the equation for the line with slope 3/5 and passing through the point (4, 2).

Q5. Solve |2x-5| >= 14

Q6. A store issued coupons worth 20% off from any purchase during a time period. It was limited to one coupon per customer. A couple needed carpeting and decided to each take a coupon and purchase ½ of the total carpet needed. What % discount did they receive together?

Q7. Solve {see attachment}

Q8. Combine terms and simplify: 2 + 3h - (-4h + 6) - 4h + 16

Q9. You have a pentagon with the first side equal to x. As you go around the pentagon, each next side is 15 greater than the previous side. The sum of all sides is 785. What is the measurement of each side?

Q10. The sum of 4 consecutive even integers is 76. What are the integers?

Q11. With the downturn in IT jobs, ABC Software is laying off 10% of the developers and 15% of the accountants. If the total number of employees to be laid off is 3000 and the percent laid off in the company (both divisions) is 12%, what are the numbers laid off for each division?

Q12 Describe the graph for the following equation: ¼ x + ½ y = 3

Q13. |5 - 3x| >= 3 AND 5 - 2x > 3
Find the solution

Q14. If the line has the equation of y = (5/3) x - 1, what is the equation for the line perpendicular to it and passing through (0, -1)?

Q15. Describe the graph for the line 3x - 4y = 7 and a line parallel to it.


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