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    Word Problem : Writing a Defining Equation and Solving the Equation

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    To stay competitive with the fast food restaurant across the street, the Pico de Gallo Restaurante offers a lunch special. Each lunch plate has an .80 charge for beans, rice and guacamole, and each taco oredered costs .75. Senora Taquita, across the street, only charges .35 for the beans, rice and guacamole, but charges .90 for each taco.

    A.) Define a variable and then write an equation to show the total cost of a taco lunch at each restaurant. Be sure you include the non-optional cost of rice, beans and guacamole for each restaurant.

    B.) For what number of tacos is the cost of lunch at each restaurant the same? What is that cost?

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    The variable is the number of tacos ordered (the second part of the question is a hint). As stated the rice beans and guacamole price is *fixed* and therefore by ...

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