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Methodical Thinking Strategy

Methodical thinking, even if the answer is wrong..

Make some assumptions with out the use of the internet or anything else
Give reasons to conclusions
conclude argument
How can assumptions be improved?

1.)Describe a strategy (maybe with equations) to estimate the number of road signs (not advertisements) on interstate 95 that runs from South Florida to New England. One may assume 1800 miles. How many road signs are there?

2.)You are on Highway 95, going north from Jacksonville to South Carolina to Highway 26 to the North Carolina line. How much road-kill will you pass by on the northbound lanes?

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1) Assume there are an average of 3 road signs per mile (1 mile marker, and two other signs, such as exit markers, freeway numbers, and miles to the next town/exit). Assuming 1800 miles, to solve this, one would do 1800*3 for a result of 5400 road signs. Assumptions can be improved by a ...

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This shows ways to use logic and methodical thinking to solve problems without knowing all of the information.