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    Merry-go-round: cyclic equation to model the distance

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    Brenna's mom, Mrs. Herstone, is watching Brenna playing at the park. Some children are pushing Brenna around the merry-go-round. Mrs. Herstone decides to take some data, so she started her stopwatch. At 3.5 seconds Brenna is farthest from Mrs. Herstone 26 feet away. When the stopwatch reads 4.2 seconds, Brenna is closest at 12 feet away. Find a cyclic equation that models the distance Brenna is from Mrs. Herstone over time if the merry-go-round is spinning at a constant rate.

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    The general form for the cyclic equation that models the distance, y, Brenna is from Mrs. Herstone over time, t, is y = A sin [ B (t - h) ] + k.

    Where A is the amplitude,
    B is 2pi / period
    h is the horizontal shift
    k is the vertical shift

    We will find A, B, h ...

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